Code Protection and Application Security

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Tamper-proofing is to code as encryption is to data. ™

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Our newest partner:                                                          Our newest protection platform: 

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White Hawk Mission

White Hawk’s goal is to protect our customers from loss of private, business and industrial assets and funds, intellectual property, and life caused by unauthorized access to mission critical software and software applications. With our code tamper-proofing self protection against hacking and reverse engineering we provide peace of mind for individuals, enterprises and government in today’s connected, software based world.

Closing A Critical Security Gap With White Hawk Software
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We protect CODE at run time. White Hawk provides CITROEN - DS reuter 4 p. ivoire - CLASSIQUES solutions to protect mission critical software applications from malicious and Zero day attacks and reverse engineering at run time. Our protection is integrated at the binary level enabling the strongest protection available today.

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White Hawk’s technology is the only technology tamper-proofing and pre-linking native object files. Present technology does obfuscate executables, byte-codes or source-code. Protecting object files together with novel internal algorithms makes White Hawk’s technology the only protection which allows seamless integration of protection and application. The competitive advantage of protecting object files allows a regular software engineer to precisely adjust performance impact and strength of protection. Protecting real object files is a major advantage. Compared to protecting at the source code level, operating at the binary level allows the entire complexity of the computer to be used and the protection is not limited to what the programming language can express. It provides high end protection against state players and the most sophisticated attacks. It also allows protection of individual components used in large multi-vendor software systems.

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White Hawk protects against:

– Code corruption & Zero day attacks
– Reverse engineering
– IP theft

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– Encryption key theft
– Data theft
– Run time spying
– Buffer overflow attacks

Cyber security revisited:

– You invest in keeping hackers out of your network.
– You use encryption to protect your data.
– You create quality software and test it carefully.

– You teach your users to use effective passwords.
What are you doing to protect your code?


Increasing security awareness has led to improved hardware and software protection from firewalls, virus, and pass code protection to static and dynamic code analysis, and encryption. However, encryption keys and particularly code still remain vulnerable at run time.

White Hawk Software Solution

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Our tool protects your code. Technically this is called tamper-proofing. Minichamps DP 1 12 Kawasaki 900 Z1 Super 4 1973 green yellow Assembled Japan cannot be modified or reverse engineered. White Hawk’s tamper-proofing technology enables protection of code and cryptographic keys at run time against being hacked and against reverse engineering, no matter what kind of malware is attacking. White Hawk’s solution is particularly suited for embedded systems and highly optimized applications. It allows the user to balance security strength with performance impact on an almost per instruction basis. Its extension mechanism makes it the ideal solution when combined with other solutions or any hardware.

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